• Diletta Bags is an innovative project by Diletta Bettini, which had the idea to mix one of the greatest craftsmanship of Tuscany – leather works – with an incredible new technologiy: a special 3D printing that uses "inks" of different colors to recreate paintings with their original strokes' textures.
  • It all started with a geometric and simple design, black leather, 30x30 cm dimension, essential lines and a gorgeous 3D printed painting of some of the greatest Masters of the past: Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Mondrian. Their best-known masterpieces are reproduced with this innovative technique that allows to reproduce every single stroke of the painting, which has previously been laser-scanned to obtain a 3-dimensional model of it.

  • The 3-dimensional printing of the artwork, which has an incredible tactical dimension unknown for everyone — who of you have ever touched the Starry Night by Van Gogh? — is sewed on the front of the bags, backpacks and wallets, achieving a spectacular result.
  • My work has been to develop the branding guidelines, logo and assets, as well as designing and developing the website and shop for this super project, helping Diletta to get noticed in a world so full of fashion products.
  • Each product is hand-made by expert artisans from Florence area, so well-known in the world for the quality of leather works.
  • Diletta choses personally the leathers, the shades and all the details, she buys them and bring them personally to the sewers to be 100% of the origin and quality of each product.
  • Photography
    Targeting a young and fashionable public, I immediatly knew that we needed Francesca Dattilo as photographer to express the best of the bags.
    Bold, pop and playfully abstract, Francesca's shooting style was just perfect to valorize and enhance Diletta's works.
  • Branding
    Geometric, bold and very particular, the logotype for Diletta stands out in a panorama of boring sans-serif brandings and rebrandings of fashion firms.
    Golden, as golden are the details of the very first models of the bags, it features a tagline perfect for the brand:

    "Art made Bags ◆ Bags made Art"
  • Set in Grilli Type's GT Cinetype, the brand assets speak a modern language with a gemoetric twist noticeable only in big dimensions: glyphs' curves are not curves but subtle polygons, which give to the font family a particular character.
  • The products are targeted for a medium-spending range, starting from circa 150€: the details are not left behind. Cards, labels, business cards, coupons and packaging are refined, printed on a gorgeous peraly paper with golden hot-foil details.
  • Website
    Diletta sells only via the online shop, so the website plays a very important role for the brand. A clean and simple navigation features full spread images, details and precise explanation of the products, as well a shop which give space to nice imagery and a flawless buying flow.
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