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    I normally don't write a hell lot about my projects, but recently I've been wanting to keep track of all the stuff of what Im doing and give an insight on my projects. To others it may come in handy, maybe for me in the future it will help me understand the paths that led me to certain creative decisions. I have also chosen to write in English, so hopefully this message will get across to most folks out there. 

    I usually sketch before I start vectorizing (like most people) but in this case I took inspiration in some old soviet cosmonaut stamps. In generally spend a lot of time looking at all the good stuff people upload or tag in pinterest. I read a couple of years ago Steve Johnson's "Where good ideas come from" and how serendipity plays a huge role in our generation of ideas and throughout our creative process. 
    Serendipity in this sense is our ability to come up with more creative ideas by stumbling upon elements that we might consider fortuitous. Maybe a decade ago probably I'd had to go to some stamp shop or even search for many days in flea markets for the right stamp and, if assuming I got lucky, its likely the case the thing I needed wasn't the exact fit. That problem is now solved thanks to sites like behance, dribble, or designspiration, still remember carefully, there's a bit of randomness involved, its not the same as going to google and simply making a query, its about letting your guts or taste let you flow to find that thing that will inspire your new project. 

    About the Cosmonaut, I was never really inspired as a kid or saw them with particular awe, I rather thought is was an incommensurable arduous task to go all the way to space, and given the track record of all the failed missions, I quite dubious act indeed. However now that Im a bit older, I find that this era of initial space exploration meant for us as a species that we could go a step further, as every frontier gets crossed new expectations and goals are created, I think given the current situation on earth looking back to this period is worth it, a bit of venture on a global scale is the sort of thing to shake up this gloomy moments. 

    The egg, if you take a look a the initial sketch I wanted to make a spaceship reminiscent of the gold age of sci-fi movies appear as if heading towards the moon. The proposition to add the egg came later, when applying the color layers. Im a big fan of eggs, and cook them in almost every imaginable way, so this is my particular way of rendering tribute to this magnificent vessel that normally carries the chance of developing and animal embryo.

    This is a personal project, so hopefully in the future I will upload illustrations done for a concrete commission in which I will explain in detail how communication within the illustration as well as with the parties involved plays a big role in the outcome project. 

    Thanks for reading,