Speckle Color Font


    Speckle is inspired by the intersection of two seemingly different things, such as illustration and typography, or oil and water. Much like mixing oil with water and watching the liquids interact and collide to create interesting and attractive shapes, Speckle offers the opportunity for play, and has the capacity to generate texts with personality and authenticity. The result is typography full of life, movement and originality.​​​​​​​

    Get Speckle here.

    Speckle comes in 4 files with a pre-defined color palette (3 different color fonts and 1 normal black and white version) . You can always change the colors converting the text to outlines.

    Technical info to use.
    The package contains a normal OTF font in Black and White and three color font variants in SVG-TTF format. To be able to use the color files you need to have installed Adobe Photoshop CC2017, Adobe Illustrator CC2018 or QuarkXpress 2018. Not all the browsers support color fonts so please be sure to use them as graphics.

    Where to get Speckle.
    The font is available at www.sudtipos.com and included in the package are both B&W and color files.

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