Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) 2018

  • Each year, the Vancouver International Film Festival works to develop a marketing campaign that showcases their diverse range of film series’, as well as communicates the city wide cultural event that is VIFF.

    We had the opportunity to play a key role in 2018’s campaign design and art direction. We were tasked with creating an impactful and on brand look for the year that built upon their already established identity.

    We worked to develop a diverse, yet cohesive campaign direction that featured stills from VIFF’s nine, uniquely colour coded, film streams. The concept aims to capture a moment in time for each stream as the film stills appear caught in a moment of movement, all while being contained within VIFF’s bold V logo.

    During this process, we also worked with VIFF’s leadership team, internal design team, and motion graphics / video production house (PostPro Media) to ensure that the campaign look and feel was appropriately translated into various media and formats.

    Photography: Wyatt Fossett
    Motion Graphics: PostPro Media