Various Digital Illustrations | 2019

  • A poster created for two Desmond & The Tutus gigs at local South African music venues Cafe Roux. 
  • ‘Oh! Ophelia! (After Millais)’ (2019), 
    420 x 255mm, 
    Digital Print,

    A piece for an exhibition themed around the character Ophelia from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet‘. 
    My piece is based on John Everett Millais’s painting of the character, showing her singing before she drowns in the river Denmark.
  • A poster created for a gig at local South African music venue Arcade Empire featuring Desmond & The Tutus, Shortstraw, PHFAT, Haezer and Luc Vermeer. 
  • ‘Cosmic dreamer’,
     297 x 420mm, 
    Digital Print 

    A new trippy, flower-powered piece created for a small pop-up exhibition at That 70s Fest
  • The Aquatic Ape (Our Mercousin?), 
    841 x 300 mm, 
    Digital Print, 

    A new piece for ‘I Know I don’t know / But what if we’re wrong?’, an illustration exhibition at No End Contemporary art space . 
    The exhibition presents a collection of illustrated speculations exploring various phenomena. It features a collection of (un)/(ill) informed visual guesses, an admittance to that which we have never quite understood, bothered to or made the effort to understand, or that for which we have developed our own fictions. 
    My piece was inspired by ‘The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis’, a controversial theory about the origins of man and suggests that early primates spent some of their time evolving in a semi-aquatic environment, before returning to land. The theory suggests that this could explain how our ancestors’ brains developed (due to the type of food found by water) and certain aspects that only humans have and don’t share with other primates, like our partially webbed fingers. In an alternate world, I imagined some of these primates didn’t return to land and kept on evolving and became what we now know as ‘mermaids’. 
  • The Swing (after Fragonard), 

    A new piece for ‘Shoulders, Not Shadows’, a group illustration exhibition curated by The Coool Project. Each artist had to interpret a classic piece of art, mine being the Rococo painting ‘The Swing’ by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.
  • ‘Kul jou hier’ (2019), 
    297 x 704 mm, 
    Digital Print,

    A piece created for an exhibition simply titled ‘BAMBOOZLED‘. 
    My piece was inspired by vintage magician posters. 
  • Created for the ABSOLUT Arts Competition. 
  • ‘Heckin Bamboozled Doggo’ (2019), 
    297 x 297 mm, 
    Digital Print,

    A piece created for an exhibition simply titled ‘BAMBOOZLED‘.
    This piece was inspired by the internet meme of the bamboozled doggo. 

  • ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ (2019);
    297 x 420 mm;
     Digital Print; 

    A piece created for an exhibition simply titled ‘BAMBOOZLED‘ 
    This piece was inspired by the song ‘One Day I‘ll fly away‘ by Randy Crawford. 
  • ‘I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig, ah!’ (2019);
    297 x 420 mm;
     Digital Print; 

    A piece created for an the JUVENILE exhibition, with the theme of 'nostalgia'. 
  • Illustrations created for SCHOLASTIC for one of their Flip-charts. 
    The story is titled ‘THE VOICE IN RABBITS HOME‘. 
  • A commissioned portrait for a client of his three dogs Ozzy, Jet and Toby. 
  • A poster created for a Desmond & The Tutus gig at a local South African music venue.