InVision's Inside Design

  • InVision asked the design community to create illustrations which will be showcased on Inside Design’s 404 page. The goal is to take what is a frustrating experience for the user to a surprised moment of delight.
  • The 404 page.
  • The Process
  • I've always wanted to create storefront illustrations. So, I figured, why not apply it here?

    My idea was someone stumbling on a closed cafe, probably in the middle of nowhere. Here are a couple of the initial sketches.
  • Initial sketches of the cafe.
  • These are the explorations we did for the composition. I played mostly with the distribution of colors and the tweaking of elements to make it look balanced. Apart from that, we also explored which version best represents the idea: a clean one or an abandoned-looking one.
  • Composition explorations.
  • We settled for the bottom right one and added the tumbleweed. Here's the final version used in the 404 page.
  • Final illustration for the 404 page.