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    Toontje Hoger is an online website that offers music lessons for kindergarten classes. The lessons contain audio fragments, videos and sheet music. Teachers can download pre-made music lessons on the website.

    The assignment
    The assignment was to build and design the website. The website had to have a webshop where kindergarten teachers are able to purchase the music lessons. The webshop had to showcase different themes that would either potentially match to the music class that the teacher has in mind or would inspire the teacher to use a theme they've never used before. The schools have the opportunity to purchase a license for various music lessons. After purchase, the school receives a license with the files. The school also has a unique account after purchase. The downloads can be viewed here.

    The look and feel of the website had to be child-friendly, but not too playful. Ultimately, the primary schools is the main target group, so it also had to have a professional and trustworthy appearance.

  • Typography

  • Illustrations
    By Anna

  • The main page is the most important page on the website. In the header it must be clear what the company is doing. I have chosen to keep the main page as clean as possible, despite the illustrations. The main page shows what the company does and sells.

  • The owner of the company also gives music lessons on location. This page shows what her skills are. Reviews are displayed at the bottom of the page.

  • The owner of the company also gives piano lessons. This page shows the prices.

  • The web shop is essential for the company. The products are sold on this page. Each product has its own theme / category. The product has a description, additional information, audio sample and reviews.On the right side are the latest music lessons and recently viewed music lessons.

  • Customer service is essential for a web shop. This page has become a collection page for customer questions, terms and conditions, FAQ, privacy policy, user conditions and a page "how it works". A customer can go to this page for questions. If the customer is not helped here, he / she will be referred to the contact form.

  • This page shows how the concept of Toontje Hoger works. By means of scrolling the mouse the story of Toontje Hoger is explained clearly.The texts and images appear as soon as the page moves down.

  • The contact page displays a contact form. In addition, the address is clearly displayed at the top. There are also references to the pages: How does it work ?, terms of use and frequently asked questions.

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