• Fūror - from Latin furo, which means stealing, subtracting, hiding - mess up the pre-existing structures of the museum institution through a subtraction of the elements from their original context. Fūror is history of stories, the history of man. Man collects with very precise structures, catalogs and divides. However, the structures are cultural preconceptions that do not exist in Fūror. Knowledge must be non-hierarchical and non-institutional. It is in constant doubt. It is relative.
    The museum itself is by its nature voracious, thief of culture. This is what the designer does in a nutshell: drawing on, stealing, recombining to create new meaning.
    Through the indexing of the photographs taken by Luca Capuano, a clear mapping of the provincial museums and their collections is created. At the same time, however, the fluid structure of the photographic sequence and the absence of an explicit categorization makes the book an instrument for the free association of concepts, spaces and times.
    Through the addition of archival material, the authors provide keys to the identified macro-categories, leaving the user free to grasp the nuances and references.

  • ISIA Urbino, 2018
    MA in Communication and Design for Publishing
    Supervised by Mauro Bubbico​​​​​​​

    Photographs by
    Luca Capuano

    Project by 
    Vito Battista
    Alice Guarnieri
    Nicolò Oriani
    Matteo Palù
    Valeria Pugliese