• Client   Aaron Newman, Neuroscientist & Professor at Dalhousie University
                 Faculty of Science
                 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Year     2018
    Task     Visual identity for SURGE

  • "SURGE is an innovation sandbox whose aim is to train science students to translate scientific discovery into economic growth and solutions to the world’s big problems. Housed in the Faculty of Science in a research-intensive university on Canada’s east coast, SURGE offers a range of programs to introduce, and systematically train, science students in the processes and methods of innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. This complements the core training students in the Faculty of Science receive through their degree programs, providing them with the understanding and opportunities needed to take what they learn in the classroom out into the world, through founding startup companies and nonprofits and working in the industry. 

    While serving students across the Faculty of Science, SURGE has a close affiliation with the Ocean Frontiers Institute to support oceans-related innovation, and a specific mandate to foster science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship activities among traditionally under-represented groups, including indigenous people and women."

    Primary areas of focus
    Ocean Science
    Renewable/green energy