World Cup

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    Italy 90, USA 94 and France 98 were the greatest World Cups I can remember of. I was only 6 when the Italy 90 championship was being disputed but it really got me interessed into big sports competitions.
    I kind of got obsessed with sports events official mascots while growing up. From Moscow Olympics Misha and Spain's 1982 World Cup Naranjito to France 98 World Cup's Footix.. you name it! Mascots are always my favorite part from each competition's branding identity.

    For this self-initiated project, I tried to create a set of fictional World Cup mascots.
    As you may understand, there is no such thing as World Cup 1965 or World Cup 1977.. I just wanted to add an extra depth to my characters by designing the logo to their own Cup.

    Hope you enjoy!

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