Nissan Altima 2019 - Impossibly Smart Mural

  • Nissan Altima - Impossibly Smart Mural
    Client - Nissan USA
    I partnered with Nissan USA on the Impossibly Smart Mural which took place on November 14th-19th 2018 on Hollywood Blvd, L.A. By using cutting-edge technology from SprayPrinter, the 2019 Nissan Altima campaign was brought to life with a first-of-it’s kind mural activation creating a continually moving world around the Altima in an ever-changing mural being painted twice per day with fresh artwork over the course of the activation. The campaign engaged a social audience by encouraging users to vote via Twitter for which artworks would go live next on the wall in the streets of L.A and the whole event was broadcast on Facebook live.

    I designed and created four mural artworks for Nissan which focused on unique, ever changing driving environments moving around the Altima. These mural themes included Flip the city, bend the world, escape the grind and warping parks.
    The artworks were all executed in CG and you can take a look at the behind the scenes video which gives insight into the process.

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