Ateliers Ouverts 2018

  • The Ateliers Ouverts, organized by the contemporary art association Accélérateur de Particules are for us, since the last 4 years, the occasion to explore a collaborative way of creating an event identity in close collaboration with artists who are working with various mediums.  

    Every year in May, during two weekends, artists from all the Alsace region are opening their studios and organizing events, performances, visits… Accélérateur de Particules is also organizing a special opening night, some professional meetings and networking events. All the participating artists of every year are also being included into a directory, that constitutes the biggest reference of the art scene of this area.

    For each edition, we are designing posters, postcards, badges, and the programme in close dialogue and collaboration with one of the participating artists. To do so, we are using small guidelines that allows us to reach consistency through each edition while having every time a fully different communication. 1. We meet with the artist and discuss about her/his work 2. We don't put one of its artworks on the posters, but we rather seek for its personal "recipe" and try to translate it graphically to create new forms 3. We always use the two same spot colours, and the same typeface.

    This year, following the same method, we worked with Estelle Chrétien, who is making tampon drawings, embroidered sculptures and in situ installations to achieve a lively and bold identity.