Kulo, Branding & Packaging Design

  • KULO                RICE PRODUCTS               NAMING / BRANDING  / PACKAGING / ILLUSTRATION                      2018
  • A classroom project on retail communication. The goal was to understand brand development, creating product Identity, packaging, an advertisement for a rice commerce company that is seeking to revolutionize the experience of one of the premium rice in the history of India , West Bengal by bringing it directly to the consumer.

    KULO is an Indian brand that involves premium rice and rice products that are a blend of Asian practices and hints of the West Bengal countryside. 

    Kulo is one of those products that has a very simple story. It is entwined with its place of origin in the same way that rice is predominantly Indian, Kulo is Bengali for sieve which represents the assortment of various rice & its products. When you buy Kulo you buy tradition & culture of Bengal & India and when we sell Kulo we sell stories wrapped in love.

    The graphic identity involves the connection of two worlds, two cultures through Bengal's native tales and the vibrant city of joy representing the Indian cultural part of the product, the language is fun, playful and vivid. The brand builds stories through its identity, a trip down the memory lane, a nostalgia of mother's love. The brand appeals to nature who is bountiful and provides products for our self-care.​​​​