CONFIDERI — Consultancy

  • Confideri offers in-depth solutions to corporate, legal, tax, and financing issues, regarding organization, ownership, management of assets, and securing family and business wealth. After examining this industry’s current situation, it became evident that now is the right time to bring the brand to the market from a different angle, therefore bringing about a progressive approach. Our solution is to create an identity that demonstrates key company advantages, that secures the ‘leader’ image, which is strengthened with the refined name, “Confideri”- from English. Confidence. The image created also evokes in the client a strong feeling of trust.​​​​​​​

    IRINA SHOYA — Art Direction & Graphic design
    AISHA ARENAS — Project management
    MARINA VOYTOVICH — Copywriting
    IRINA SVETLICHNAYA — Photographs
    ANTON SHAROV — Graphic Designer
    VALERI ARENAS — Creative Director

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