Utopian / Distopian


    We are proud to announce the release of the first collaboration between Alex Trochut & Sudtipos.

  • UTOPIAN is a color font family  based on primary colors and pure geometric shapes, influenced by Bauhaus, DeStijl and Art Deco. Its pure shapes and basic colors are inspired by the beauty of simplicity of modular order and grid, creating a perfect environment where all these elements live in a perfect color harmony. In the other hand, DYSTOPIAN, the black and white family, represents a close sibling in appearance and structure, that carries an opposite meaning, with a darker look and feel. Both typefaces are, somehow, a reflection of the divided views and posible outcomes that the future times ahead yield before us.

    The set includes:

    —Utopian One Color / BW
    —Utopian Two Color / BW
    —Dystopian Light
    —Dystopian Regular
    —Dystopian Bold
    —Dystopian Black
    —A complimentary collection of Graphic Styles for AI when you license the full family.

    Utopian/Dystopian comes in file with a pre-defined color palette. You can always change the colors converting the text to outlines. You will receive a set of patterns when you buy the full family.

    Technical info to use:
    The package contains a normal TTF/OTF set of fonts in Black and White and a colorfont in SVG-TTF format. To be able to use the color file you need to have installed Adobe Photoshop CC2017 or Adobe Illustrator CC2018. Not all the browsers support color fonts so please be sure to use them as graphics.

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