Land of the forgotten souls

  • "Land of the forgotten souls"
  • Catrina shooting. 

    Here in Mexico we celebrate "Día de muertos" after Halloween. If you saw the movie ¨COCO¨You´ll understand the picture better :)!

    For those who don´t know, "Dia de muertos" translated as "Day of the dead", a day when we honor the deceased, familie members that are gone and people who we care a lot, and we make an altar with pictures of them.

    Illuminated with a stripbox and from the back to illuminate the background and a litlle rimlight on her, i used a plastic glass to tint the light because I don´t have gels haha! And for the main light I used a beauty dish 110cm at 45º almost cenital from the right to illuminated her.

    Hope you like it!