•  Client : Killer Jeans
    Agency: Makani Creative's
    Managing Director: Ashish Makani, Sameer Makani​​​​​​​
    Creative Director: Nilesh Pawar & Sachin Padawe
    Art Director: Rahul Patel & Sashank Mistery
    Client Service Director; Ashmi Malkna
    Client Servicing: Moinuddin Munshi
    Agency Producer: Siddharth & Ashwarya
    Photography: Sarrvesh Kumar
    Sketch & CGI: Aleksandr Kuskov
    Post Production & Co-ordination: Chirag Doshi @pixelproduction

    Brief : The mixture of Photoshoot with a model & 3D work • it's a campaign for Biker Denim, we have attempted to show how a biker and is ie is one and the same. They are part of each other. The biker here is made of parts of a motorbike. We need not use the exact bike parts. We can use parts which will resemble with bike parts. We can take a bit of creative liberty to make it look visually stunning. 
  • Initial Brief from the agency - Making
  • Our Sketches & CGI Chalk renders - Making