• What is ShadowMemory? 
    ShadowMemory is a new digital art project that invites you to step off the beaten track and head into the urban unknown. A diverse collection of immersive, digital narratives, are accessed via the ShadowMemory app (available for iOS and Android),each one unfolding as the user follows a route, on foot, through a city. Upon selecting a route, the user shadows its creator, following in their footsteps, collaborating in the re-construction of their narrative, together augmenting and illuminating their journey forward. No two paths are the same; with one you will experience a game, another a story, another a co-created performance. Each narrative route is as unusual as its maker. Whichever narrative you choose, ShadowMemory will challenge your perception, always leaving you with unexpected results and an entirely new experience of a city you thought you knew.

    About the project 
    ShadowMemory is curated by Elena Sudakova and Katya Sivers and premiered at the fourth Industrial Ural Biennial, marking the launch of Grad’s new commissions programme showcasing artists’ visions both in the UK and internationally.

    Motion design by Danya Orlovsky.

  • sketches: