Tuta Tuk Tuk - Game: Concept illustration

  • Tuta Tuk Tuk 

    Tuta Tuk Tuk (in Hindi) which translates to Broken Rickshaw . A mobile based game environment where the players travel across the city of Mumbai and compete in a series of challenges in an auto rickshaw to reach the destination before the Ai auto-rickshaw. The catch is that the controls of the Rickshaw is broken. In every city the player will get random destination points and will fight with the Ai Rickshaw who is trying to reach the destination before the user.  

    The overall take away from the game was devised to help user get familiar with popular destinations and monuments. Also  to educate others living from outside the city to understand the cultural diversity and the landscape. 

  • Initial Sketches

    The isometric style helped back large spactial data and let users get a better sense of the overall direction to their final destination. The rickshaw is controlled by swipe right or left control the rickshaw's direction in getting to the direction in the most optimal way through the maze of the city.

  • Visual Language

    The overall design language was to adopt a sense of modern urban style into the game. The night life became the background for the game, that was heavily influenced by the bright neon glow signs, street lights and city lights that light up the monuments creating a very mystical effect. This helped create a spotlight focus on the important elements during game play.

  • The Rajabai Clock Tower is a clock tower in South Mumbai India.
  • Mobile experience during the game
  • Wire-framed version of the clock tower while creating the drawings in Illustrator
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is a historic railway station and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai
  • Mobile experience during the game
  • Closer shot of the details
  • Historical and most elegant "Taj Mahal Hotel"
  • Mobile experience during the game
  • Most popular - Gateway of India - Mumbai
  • Details and Animation

  • Rae Zachariah  for the animation 

  • Thankyou so much for watching!