Britannia Brewing Co.

  • Originally built in 1889, the Britannia Shipyards of Steveston Village are a National Historic Site which at one time housed canneries, boatyards and worker's residences. People from every walk of life came to live and work in a little village just off the Fraser River. There was a sense of community and camaraderie that was hard to ignore, and to this day the spirit of these people can still be felt.

    Britannia Brewing Co. was built in the heart of Steveston with the intention of paying tribute to, and passing on the romance of the sea to all of its residents and visitors.

  • We developed Britannia Brewing Co.’s brand identity as a clear reflection and celebration of the history of Steveston, utilizing historical imagery pulled from city archives and a typographic system that references signage of the era. From the logo and the packaging design to the names of the beers and the archival imagery associated with them, we ensured that the narrative of the brand was evident throughout.

    We worked to remain true to the place that it calls home, with the intention that Britannia can proudly become a part of the community and ever-evolving story of this historic fishing village.