The Other Side of Oz

  •                                                 The Other Side of Oz
  •    Somewhere..........Over the Rainbow
  •   The wicked witch of the west's safe house painted in designer deep hues.
  •   The famous yellow brick road........paved over ...... due to a need for the bricks in one of the wizard's "Improve Oz"  projects.
  • The Olde Church.......a neutral spot where all the witches gather for negotiations or to exchange hostages.   Art and painting classes are also offered here.
  •   Every day is a double rainbow day in Oz..........necessary in order to help Dorothy feel at ease while away from Kansas .
  •   The nice witch of the north's  "people of Oz" church.  Constructed from discarded materials from her latest palace remodel.
  •                                                Welcome to the aspiring young witches hangout where live karaoke and magic broom lessons are taught.
  •  Dorothy's own designer barn constructed by her traveling companions to help her feel like she was still in Kansas........wheat fields and perfect skies, too !
  •  The wizard's special Oz gift shop and espresso bar........... where everyone really goes in Oz after a hard day of acting !
  • Thank you for stopping by !!!  
    Be sure and pick up a souvenir yellow brick from the wizards gift shop before you leave Oz !