• Bedtime stories for separated families.
    Every year, United Through Reading brings thousands of children closer to their parents deployed overseas by providing them with stories read by their parents on DVD.
    By developing hugg for the company, I was able to tackle existing problems with the scheme through insights discovered while observing and talking to those who already use the scheme:
    1. Eliminated fragile DVDs
    2. Structured delivery of story; no more unreliable delivery times.
    3. Ultimately, the experience is now more intimate and personal between parent and child.
  • Process:
    After research and observations time was spent with families to develop a criteria for what hugg would need to do. A number of concepts were sketched out tackling these criteria each in different ways.
  • After a favourite concept was chosen, rough models were created with slight alterations to gauge correct size, shape, weight etc.
    These were observed being used in context so I could get an idea of just how hugg would be used in the home, asking users to carry out routines as if they were involving the product.
  • Shells were created concurrently in CAD and in hard models so they could help develop each other in terms of internal structure.
    A conscious effort was made early on to keep in mind design for manufacture including one direction assembly.
  • Mood
    Cheeky, bright, playful... everything a child should be.