KWIK - Brand Identity

  • KWIK brand
    KWIK is a courier service established to provide our customers with 
    world-class delivery service in Qatar. KWIK is easy to use, reliable and Quick.

    Peregrine falcon is the fastest living organism on the face of the earth and one of the largest and strongest birds. It is very famous in Arabian Peninsula. Since Kwik Company workes in the Arabian Peninsula through the State of Qatar, it was necessary to use a symbol that expresses the efficiency and speed of the company and its ability to cover every place, the peregrine falcon was used to denote this.

    So the logo is configured by combining letter (K), arrow, and peregrine.
    - Character (K) Abbreviation for company name (Kwik).
    - This arrow served to symbolize Kwik’s speed and accuracy.
    - Use of the bird for its ability to access to any location, reflecting the company's ability to deliver quickly and distribute to any location, in addition to it is the first method used in transport reflecting the company's experience.

  • Logotype
    The design of the Logotypeis inspired by the angles and curves of the roads.

  • Logo Uses:
    The Logotype can be used alone, whether English or Arabic.

  • Golden Ratio
    There is a fit between the Logotype and Logomark as shown.

  • Style Templates
    This flexible grid in size can be formed in length or width commensurate with the advertisement, while adhering to the following proposals in the proportional relationship between the image and the gap.​​​​​​​