Journey Through Series

  • Collection of works portraying inner journey of self-discovery and transformation. 

    'Afterimage' represents an inner balance and connection with the outer world.
    Acrylic on linen canvas, 120cm x 120cm, 2017.

    ’Feather from the Father’ focuses on the importance of symbols seen in everyday life and connections between people. 
    Acrylic on linen canvas, 97cm x 130cm, 2018.

    ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ portrays sleepwalking during lunar eclipse, a rare astrological event. The scene also illustrates a desire to experience something very special, transition to the other side of the moon through the portal. It focuses on the significance of a personal transformation throughout the cycle. 
    Acrylic on linen canvas, 120cm x 120cm, 2018.

    ‘The Other Side of the Moon’ is a continuation of the journey through the portal as seen from a different perspective. This is an imaginary scene showcasing the connection between parallel universes, a sense of reflection, surprise and discovery of something new.
    Acrylic on linen canvas, 120cm x 120cm, 2018.

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