The World of Sōfugan - Artdump

  • These are models and designs I've made for the world of
    'Monju Hunters of Sōfugan Island'.

    You can watch the movie on:

    The film is a co-production with my friend Karim Eich. We finished the project in fall 2016 after 1,5 years of hard work. It's my master thesis at Bauhaus University Weimar.

    As we were only two individuals who worked on that movie for so long, it was necessary to switch between many different tasks and work on different projects at the same time. Thus it was not possible to me to finalize every single concept to it's end. Sometimes I realized a lot of the work directly in 3d with ZBrush.

  • Mood painting of the island
  • One of the first concepts for the island
  • A reef consisting of monju bones
  • The first mood painting
  • The 2nd version of the first mood painting
  • A first ideation for the exterior of the protagonists hut
  • A first test with generative heightmap architecture
  • Another test with the same technique
  • The island constructive concept
  • Later I developed the idea that the inhabitants use old ships as building material...
  • they found an unique way to populate their island.
  • A scaling map of all parts
  • Concepts of furniture made of bones and an early design for the scrap-metal dealer shop
  • The mushroom shop concept drawing
  • A concept for the exterior of the protagonists hut and a bar design made of an old heavy artillery
  • The meat hangar concept
  • The modelled and textured monju meat chunks
  • The modelled and textured Sumo-Buddha-Statue for the market scene
  • I found a way to create generative architecture with painted hightmaps
  • I also used this technique for the ship segments
  • Later I reduced the polycount and textured the models in Substance Painter
  • Assembling parts of the island
  • The food of the future: Label designs for the canned goods in the protagonists home.
  • I also made concepts for the rocket. The idea was to use elements of nuclear power plants.
  • Concepts for the signs we placed in the market
  • The finished signs for the market (modelled bei Karim)
  • Mattepainting for the final shot