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    TING is one of the most famous and oldest brands in Mexico, dedicated to relief the feet problems over than 40 years! In that lapse of time, there were only a few adjustments in its image, but this year, together with the agency decided to launch a brand new campaign according to these times!
    The brief indicated the development of a character who suffers from these problems and our hero who helps him, the good old Pierre, who has been the image and official mascot of the brand during all these years.
    Personally, as a studio, this has been one of the most difficult projects we ever had, the original timetable of the project was supposed to be 6 weeks, at the end was the twice of it, there were many variations and misplaced comments from the client that affected our original proposal, to reverse this, we present to you this director’s cut closer to our original vision, we hope you like it!

    Client - Sanofi Aventis
    Agency - Leo Burnett
    Direction - MEMOMA Estudio
    Art & Illustration - MEMOMA Estudio
    Character Design - MEMOMA Estudio
    Animation - MEMOMA Estudio
    Post Audio - Jarpa Estudio