Monju - Design Process

  • This is the conceptual development and the 3d model of the creature called 'Monju' I've made for our short movie 'Monju Hunters of Sōfugan Island'.

    You can watch it on:

    The film is a co-production with my friend Karim Eich. We finished the project in fall 2016 after 1,5 years of hard work. It's my master thesis at Bauhaus University Weimar.

    My Tasks: Design, 3d modelling and texturing/shading

    Concept Painting with Pencil and Adobe Photoshop
    Modelling with ZBrush 
    Texturing with Substance Painter and PS

    As we were only two individuals who worked on that movie, it was necessary to switch between many different tasks and work on different film related projects at the same time. The design of the monju covered nearly the whole period of the movie creation. At the beginning I started with more alien form language, later I came back to a more grounded and earth-like design. I switched between 2d and 3d to try a few things.
  • Screengrab from our movie
  • Early design in a more alien like direction
  • Mutated dolphin sketch
  • The final direction was very whale like
  • The acid-proof skin of the Monju
  • A sign which can be seen in the marked scenes
  • I've created a skeleton as a base for the final Monju
  • The skeleton was also helpful for the hologram
  • The final textured Monju model