Discovery Grad Recruitment Campaign

  • Discovery is a brand renowned for pushing for great achievements in all aspects of their business. Recruiting graduates for their brand new internship programme in the marketing department is no exception. Discovery wanted to appeal to students who are intelligent, unique, optimistic, determined to shape the future and motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Opportunity to reach students on campus is generally confined to Career Day events, as universities have strict policies against drop-ins during class time. With many bluechip companies competing to hire the brightest new talent at these events, many with well established programmes, standing out and appealing to the target audience on a personal level is key. A sifting process would be needed to find those students with the characteristics Discovery seeks in employees.

    Based on key insights, these students express self-interest, are likely to use their first job as a platform to kickstart their career and will only remain in this position for 2 years or less. They generally have multiple interests and focus-points and have a great desire to be accepted for who they are. As the generation who grew up with social media, they are also “Generation Make Me Famous”.
  • We presented a star search journey that allows potential recruits to #BeDiscovered while they get discover what life will be like at 1DP - the Discovery offices in Sandton. This journey relies heavily on social media as a practical means of communicating with the target market and cuts around the issue of not being allowed to recruit directly on campus.
  • For the on-campus drive we drew our inspiration from the elusive character Wally from the“Where’s Wally” books as an activatable visual representation of how easy it is to get lost or disappear in the recruitment rabbit-hole’.

    We created hype around campuses with posters, stickers and email invitations and Facebook events telling students to visit the Discovery stand on Career Day.
  • Once we got the recruits to the stand on Career Day, we asked them "What motivates you?” - an open ended question allowing the students to share their thoughts, priorities and aspirations, giving insight into whether their ideals align with the characteristics that Discovery is looking for in employees. As incentive for doing the short video interview, they were given the opportunity to scan the "Where’s Wally” wall with SnapChat to discover prizes.  All of the prizes corresponded with parts of the Discovery world and its many rewards partners.  The rewards screen on their phone would then redirect them to the graduate recruitment registration page on the Discovery website, thus turning the journey into a seamless digital experience.  The best videos would be used in forthcoming grad recruit campaigns on social media.
  • Once the recruits were selected, each of the 12 finalists would be given a blog and the opportunity to post on the BeDiscovered social media platforms, giving them increased exposure, and turning them into Discovery recruitment brand ambassadors.  Winning recruits would be sent back to their respective universities for the following year's recruitment campaign.  In this way, a sustainable annual campaign programme is created.
  • Credits
    Concept: Denae Vorster + Vuyo Mkosi
    Strategy: Vuyo Mkosi
    Art Direction: Denae Vorster
    Final Illustration: Nathan McKay