VR company rebrand

  • The good news is that virtual reality is here. 
    The bad news is that something is still missing ...

    INTOIT is an upcoming VR content and eyewear, full of great ideas and prospects.
    I felt the same way,  until I was shown their identity and the arrogant part of me went:
    Great,  but you should really change it.

    And they did ...

  • VR ... what a wonderful challenge ...

  • " simplicity is the ultimate sophistication "

  • ... and that's as you know, is never easy ...

  • However watching a sophisticated movie can be :)
    I believe the first time VR was suggested.

  • Back from the Future and straight back into it. 

    "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits the right numbers... 
    you're gonna see some serious shit"

  • Roads? 
    Where we going 
    we don't need roads.