Hybrid Wings Fantasy Mercy

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    This one was suggested to do by many and it is long overdue . 
    I had many ideas for her (and still have) so this might be just the first incarnation in which I tried and learned several things in digital painting. 

    A short list of things I learned by doing this below:
    • Understanding, light, shadow and ambient occlusion ✓ 
    • Painting White cloth in bright daylight (ugh) ✓ 
    • Make mechanical and organic parts look cohesive + believable ✓ 
    • Painting a skin/theme that speaks visually fantasy and elegance ✓ 
    • Painting a living figure in a landscape ✓ 
    • Make materials look believable ✓ 
    • Not painting Pink Cherry Blossom Leaves ✓ 
    • Hide a silly Stork figure in a painting ✓

    The main pose was inspired by the Magic the gathering piece of Bastien Lecouffe Deharme. But instead of a dark look, I wanted to go with a Studio Ghibli kind of vibe. 
  • Here you see my inspiration/moodboard for this piece
  • The wing design and suit was inspired by some of my older works.
  • fantasy mercy process slides
  • Portrait version