Young Souls game : First trailer

  • Hi,  I would like to present the early research of a game I'm working on : Young Souls!  

    This research were made for a "presentation trailer"  and a Vertical Slice (to show the project to editors) and represent a WIP version of the game! 

    I will present here all the Background research I've made for this!  Hope you will enjoy it!

    If you are wondering why there are fantasy artworks and contemporary artworks, it's because the project takes place in two worlds!
  • First : the Human World
  • Here, this is the manor, where the two heroes live!  They are twins and live in a small American town...
  • One day, they find a secret door leading to another world!
  • This door is in the secret lab of their father... (the two pictures above) And they quickly understand that the Goblin's world is about to invade the human one... (yes this is a Beat them all game with some RPG elements)
  • The three pictures above are the village where they live, and where they can purchase new items!

  • Second : the Goblin World
  • The Goblin map above

    And a shop, somewhere in the Goblin World...

  • Some Goblin's Village screens below !
  • And, to finish, some Dungeons, where the twins will fight!
  • And last but not least :) , the reveal trailer!
  • Well, I hope you enjoyed the trip!! Do not forget that the game is in development now, and that everything that is showed here is subject to change!
    The game is Young Souls, and you can follow my Twitter account or the official account of the game! (Published by the Arcade Crew)

    Character Designer : Xavier Houssin
                                      Jérôme Fait

    Programmer : Baptiste Martin
                           Jérôme Fait

    Background Artist : Joachim Leclercq

    3D artist : Jérôme Fait
                     Baptiste Martin

    FX artist : Nathan Dupouy

    Music/sound design : Joachim Neuville
  • Thanks a lot!