• Sabadì — Gli Affinati
    The First Chocolate Ageing Cellar

    From the first chocolate cellar of its kind, Sabadì offers a chocolate “scented” through a natural process.
    Thanks to its fat component, cocoa spontaneously absorbs the aromatic notes which surround it
    and maintains them over time. Chocolate scented with 7 elements for the production of unique chocolates
    in limited editions: tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins, and barrique casks.

     The motto “less is more” perfectly embodies the sleek and elegant design we created for Gli Affinati,
    the latest revolutionary product by chocolate visionary Sabadì.
    We designed a series of cards, inspired by botanic illustrations, a petite tin chest and the simplest label:
    the copper hot foil typography describes the product, while in the dedicated blank space,
    the specific taste is written by hand at the moment, just for you.

    Take a look at Sabadì

  • “In this place the chocolate is embraced, cherished, aged.
    The prolonged, repeated, and all-encompassing contact between the different ingredients
    lead to the creation of a common scent. Invisible fragrant molecules migrate between ingredients
    and consistencies. Flowers, herbs, spices, tobacco, teas, resins, and wine and spirit saturated woods
    allow their essence to be instilled elsewhere. Human work follows the time flow, the needed time.
    Here, now, in the day that perhaps does not exist.”

  • Client: Sabadì srl
    Art Direction: Federico Galvani
    Graphic Design: Anna Rodighiero