Week-end de l'art contemporain Grand-Est

  • The "week-end de l'art contemporain Grand-Est" (contemporary art weekend in the Grand Est region) is an event organized by three contemporary art networks of the area: LoRA — Metz, Versant Est — Strasbourg and Bulles — Reims. Through a full weekend, members structures of those networks are synchronizing their actions and are organizing some common events (screenings, openings, performances, concerts…)

    For the first edition of the event, the networks decided to ask Nouvelle étiquette to design an editorial object that would allow to regroup all the events of the weekend. The structures also wanted to dedicate a bit of this publication's space to a "carte blanche" given to an artist.

    We designed a "newspaper-like" publication that can be declined every year to constitute a little collection. Two gradient colors are marking the identity of the object. For each new publication, we will re-use one of the two previous colors, which will create a color continuity though every years' documents. At the heart of the edition, a central sheet of paper can serve as a poster to be self-composed by the reader. Indeed, if one gather two documents, one can constitute a big poster regrouping the intervention of the invited artist (2018: Delphine Gatinois) and the informations about the event. The organizers of the event and the participating spaces (galleries, art centers, libraries etc.) can display this poster on their walls and the public can keep the intervention of the artist as a personal "souvenir".