Orientierung im Raum

  • Diploma Thesis / 2016 — 2017

    Orientierung im Raum, german for »orientation in space« is the title of my diploma thesis. My diploma thesis is about the theoretical principles for the design of information systems in buildings. It gives an insight into the practical implementation. It provides an insight into what orientation means for people in general and why it becomes more and more important today to assist people in their orientation.

    Design approaches, such as the idea of the universal design, design which works barrier-free, are set in relation to the design of wayfingsystems.

    General factors such as the situation of the architecture itselfs, the development and construction of it, the right use of typography in combination with form and color, tailored to existing spatial situation are explained theoretically and expanded visually by examples.

    The readability of a Typeface, depending on the construction, and the resulting conditions of majuscules to minuscules, in combination with the background material, is illuminated. Furthermore you will see the importance of correct and logical coding in context of color, language and structuring.

    Art Direction and Design Lukas Diemling
    Photography Dominic Erschen