Branding Liga de Gestão Esportiva - LiGE - FGV-SP

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    Branding Liga de Gestão Esportiva

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    Client:Liga de Gestão Esportiva FGV-SP
    Where: São Paulo, Brazil
    Year: 2018

    Agency: Nacione™ Branding​​​​​​​



    A B O U T

    The Liga de Gestão Esportiva (LiGE) was created with the aim of approaching and promoting the debate for the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazilian higher education institution, and preparing its members for the labor market.

    W H A T   W E   D I D

    Nacione™ developed the entire brand system, with new logo and colors added to create a versatile brand. We felt the need to have multiple logo versions on this project, so the client would be able to choose between a corporate or sports mood according to each layout theme. Since LiGE is a brand about sports management, we choose an abstract symbol that was made by a star and an arrow to translate management into a design shape.

    The result was a classic sports brand as a crest that can behave also as a corporate brand. The mix of blue and yellow changed the way that the brand can be perceived, bringing more energy and confidence to a young brand.


  • "The illustration on the crest is a result of a brand that talks about making a decision. The second before the kick, the moment before the pass, the time before taking a side. It's all about managing risks."

    Ricardo Carvalho, Project Director

  • "The brand project created by Nacione™ raised the level of our brand, far exceeding our expectations. The new brand has united sports with management, creating an identity that will allow the consolidation and expansion of the entity in the corporate scenario."

    Leonardo Russo, client

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