Halloween 2018

  • This is a quick self initiated project. Please let it be known that it is all meant in good spirit. I am not insinuating that any of the figures used are monsters or murderers. I simply went according too the stats that are out there in the cybersphere. 

    Now this idea started when I asked the following question:
    "Who would famous Horror Movie characters dress up as for Halloween"?
    "What is creepier than Chucky? Who more frightening than Freddy? 
    You catch my drift. So I decided to make Halloween masks for my 5 favourite Horror Movie characters namely:
    Michael Myers
    Freddy Kruger
    Jason Voorhees  

    I apologise if I have offended anyone and per your request I will remove any and all designs if that might be the case. I urge you to please see the lighter side of this project. If you do like them, they are all available as tshirt prints. Send me a DM if you're interested.

    Happy Halloween!

  • The Masks
  • Kim Jong "Chucky" Un
  • Robert "Freddy" Mugabe
  • Jacob "Jason" Zuma
  • Vlidimir "Micheal" Putin
  • Donald "Pennywise" Trump
  • We are Family