Architecture plugin rebranding

  • • What do we do: Software Development in the Architecture Design-related field (Develop
       Revit Plugins, Provide Technical Support)
    • Who should it appeal to: techy subjects who appreciate design
    • Character: serious, stylish, cool, sleek
    #tags: architecture, design, automation, plugins, Revit, software, development

  • Wouldn't be great to leave it here ;)

  • Actually it goes something like this ...

  • ... and the sketches were a lot more dramatic :)

  • While they were sleeping on it ....

  • " An arch is a soft compression form. It can span a large area by resolving forces into compressive stresses ...

  • One small leap, one immense ... plugin.

  • It's a primary web based need, 
    ​​​​​​​so I Google the hell out of them :)

  • If the font fits, you should wear it :)
    "possiblemusthave" rule in branding 

  • Colours versions

  • The triple A's:
      Autodesk, Autocad & Archilizer.

  • Plugin icons & frame.

  • The test print - rare and useful pleasure.

  • Inspiration will find you ... playing :)

  • A good shape is it's own reward ...
  • Thank you for watching.
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