ACT II / Ready to Eat

  • ACT II
    Ready to Eat

    The brand ACT II well known for the microwave popcorn decided to launch a new line of snacks ready to eat, to do it, they commissioned us a couple of tv spots with that concept, a group of friends are away from home and from any appliances and suddenly one of them starts to have those crazy adventures in order to get the bag of popcorn ready to eat, needless to say, that the adventures were made in cell animation and we had to match the looks of our hero/heroine in cartoon to the live action talent! Hope you like it!

    Direction - MEMOMA Estudio
    Art & Illustration - MEMOMA Estudio
    Animation: MEMOMA Estudio
    Audio: Wippost

    Live Action:
    Director: León Soto
    DP: Tony del Real
    Producer: Dante Casas
    Production Manager: Alex D. Arzate
    Color Correction: Wippost