• In the World of Tiny Lives is the first exhibition of my illustration and macro photography work, focusing on insects and arthropods living in the countryside of Slovenia, exhibited in Velenje Cultural Center in September 2018 as a part of the biggest festival for kids here, called Pikin Festival, dedicated to and celebrating the message of Astrid Lindgren`s Pippi Longstocking. I have been inspired by butterflies, bugs, spiders, bees... since I was a kid and I really wanted to make a project dedicated to them, especially after seeing more and more articles about the dramatic decline of insects in the modern world. 

  • I began taking photos of insects two years ago. I was having one of my many walks in nature and thought to myself ... well, I would take photos of insects, I just wish I saw some real awesome looking insects, like.. a stag beetle. I saw it only once, as a kid. Not even a minute later I noticed another one on a tree branch.

    I just couldn`t believe my eyes.

  • It was the beginning of an ongoing passion for macro photography, and start of making an archive of animals living around me, now already counting in hundreds. These are some of my favorites.

  • Thanks for watching.