Дмитровские Овощи — Global Campaign

  • «Дмитровские овощи»

    «Дмитровские овощи» [dmítrovskiye óvoshshi] ― Vegetables of the Dmitrov region. It’s a very special project to our studio. We wanted to be a game changer in the vegetable positioning and packaging. And to have some fun obviously.
    The aim was to show vegetables in an unexpected key. People are common with neutral earthy colors, wicker baskets and other common stuff following the veggie theme. But we wanted to show a different side of vegetables. Like no one have ever seen them ― emotional, colorful, funny and inspiring. This project is different. It is bright, it is fresh, it is surprising.
    We made a wide range of work starting from the new logo and brand identity to the packaging design, brand positioning
    and this photoshoot.

    The very first thing to do ― was to create a new logo that will look simple yet memorable. We got rid of the extra elements changed the color, gave space to the letters and added a remarkable element of leaves above the «О» letter.​​​​​​​
    The next step was to make the brand identity that will highlight the logo and empower the positioning. Then we proceeded to the packaging. We’ve decided to make it minimalistic and easy for understanding. It provides only the necessary information, the brand name is clear and obvious, the main advantages are popping.

    «Дмитровские овощи» ― is the first vegetable brand on russian market that can go global.

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