Indianama 2018: Palak Seat Cover

  • This project was done in collaboration with Meera Lafir as part of Indianama 2018 in Bikaner House, New Delhi.

    Indianama is an inclusive platform that curates and showcases the work of multi-disciplinary artists, across boundaries. A single vision binds them all – to express india through divergent and unifying ideas/ideologies that make the country.

    The street is a fascinating place. And for the artist – the poet, the designer, the visionary, it is the anvil on which much of his art is forged. The streets shape his soul and provide him with succour and inspiration. Indianama, 2018, in a sense, is an edition that is seeded in the streets of India. It is a hip almanac of evocative ideas that features system identities conceived at and for the urban spaces. The works of 71 graphic designers are cross-fertilised with vibrant street-side shops. It is a design project, an idea and in essence a distillation of all that is vibrant, divergent, reflective, and humorous about our inner city intersections.” 
    - ( Quoted from )

    The store description was simple. "Ever entered a car and felt like not getting out? It's a magical feeling. Palak are in the business of that magical feeling, and they need someone to ride with them." Palak Seat Cover does as their name states; they make seat covers for cars, upholsters sofas, etc.

    The logo created for Palak Seat Cover is made up of a car seat and leaf pankha, meant to invoke feelings of a “queen/king-of-the-jungle” luxury in the mind of the customer as they enjoy their newly upholstered seats. The seat is seen placed in front of
    the leaves to make it seem like a throne in the aforementioned royal concept. Not shying away from a traditional Indian aesthetic, we used bright, and fresh colours for the branding. However, a colour soup would discourage customers, so we limited the palette to a handful of complimentary hues. Understated illustrations combined with a playful dot pattern keep the tone of style light and relatable.