Storytelling Typography

  • *storytelling typography*
    This was my main project in University. I decided to deal with experimental typography, which I thought it was 
    a very challenging project. It was the first time I was designing something so "out of the box". My teacher and I, 
    after some days of brainstorming, decided that it would be really interesting to do the storytelling with some classic songs.  
    Some of the lettering on the posters are handmade by various things such as my hands, strawberries, chocolate mousse, 
    dog hair (Oh yes! I was lucky I did not get fleas :P) etc.

  • Dance me to the end of love - Leonard Cohen
  • I wanna be your dog - The Stooges
  • Strawberry fields forever - The Beatles
  • I can't escape myself - The Sound
  • Fragile - Sting
  • Hole in my Soul - Aerosmith  (The poster has actual holes)
  • Lay your hands on me - Bon Jovi
  • Chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits
  • Money - Pink Floyd
  • The Final Cut - Pink Floyd