Crack The Code

  • Crack The Code is a programming school for children and teenagers, its mission is to create new and better opportunities for future generations.

    Our goal, and one of our biggest challenges, was to design a branding that would get the attention of both children and teenagers, as well as their parents: design a brand that reflects the seriousness of the company but at the same time a fun place where students can learn while working as a team.

    For the logo, we represent the computer language: with a sans serif typography with technical cuts and using a transparency effect, we play with letters and binary code. The secondary logo has a more corporate and serious style, and is the one used mostly in communication directed to parents. We also created a pattern that represents the digital world in an unconventional and fun way. Together with the different editorial applications and a friendly icon, we created a brand with great dynamism. In addition, special kits were designed to motivate students to level up: patches with different characters that draw the attention of children and more serious medals for teenagers.

    Crack The Code, programming the new world.

    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Rodrigo Chapa

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