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    2013 年,抱着“改变全球孩子语言学习方式,启迪和赋能每个孩子”的初心,VIPKID诞生了。
    2018 年,VIPKID 成为全球增长速度最快的在线英语教育品牌,成为连接全球孩子与老师、连接教育资源与科技、连接过去与明天的“世界大课堂”。世界不再因为距离而变得遥远,文化不再因为语言而无法相遇。初心不改,远行不怠,我们将破壁而生,携手前行,共创教育的明天!VIPKID 教育艺术展,献给全球孩子、家长、老师,也献给关心教育的你。

    Driven by original aspiration to “change the way kids worldwide learn language for more enlightenment and inspiration”, VIPKID was established in 2013. In 2018, VIPKID has become the world's fastest growing online English education brand, developing into a “Global Education Hub” connecting the world's kids and teachers, combining education resources and technology, and bridging the past and tomorrow. We’ll never be far away from each other for long distance. And culture can be shared and exchanged without language barriers. Stay to our original aspiration and forge ahead for higher results. Let’s stride forward together to get through difficulties for a better English education in the future! VIPKID Education Art Show is dedicated to worldwide kids, parents and teachers, and also to you who care about education.

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