Malmgård Brewery

  • Malmgård Brewery
  • Cheers for modern heritage

    Malmgård is a Finnish brewery with a strong legacy – as they put, being brewers by trade and craftsmen at heart. Respecting Malmgård traditions, our mission was to bring their brand into today’s world. Just like their beers, we too derived our inspiration from craftsmanship and nuances of life.

    The table was set with a new logo, imagery, pictography and typography. The brand comes alive on the Malmgård bottles. The hand-written product names together with traditional brand colours communicate the Malmgård essentials. Sweet, bitter, fruity – carefully crafted, something for every taste profile.

    With this brand uplift, Malmgård can embrace the good old times and raise a glass for new ones. Cheers!

    Photography and video: Paavo Lehtonen