Be Ecool Bench - Fontanot Zero Waste

  • Fontanot created a contest committed to the environment. The contest was to redesign the use of one of their boxes to avoid generating waste. We decided to turn the stairs box into a multifunctional bench called E-cool. Ecool is the combination of Eco+cool, a mixed concept of design compromised with the environment.

  • Zero Waste
  • 2500 million tons of waste we have generated only in Europe during 2017.
    In the year 2050 we would need three planets like Earth to maintain the current consumption rate. It’s time to act and end it.

    Based on the principles of the Zero Waste movement, which seeks to reduce the amount of waste, recycle and reuse, we have used more than 95% of the material from the Fontanot stair kit box to give a new life to their materials.

  • Ecoolours
  • The bench and the stairs in kit share the same philosophy: the personalization of the house with total freedom. Below are some examples of personalization of the bench, there are thousands of possibilities!

  • Multifunctionality
  • The product that we have created from the box is a multifunctional bench, in which we can sit, park our bike, rest our feets and store different objects. Thanks to its multiple functions and aesthetic beauty, it is a product that is fully integrated into the daily life of Fontanot customers.

  • Eco Friendly
  • We have been used all the material of the box to build the bench except the lid, which is used to mount the product on it (to protect the floor, paint, cut, etc).

  • Versatility
  • It’s versatile, suitable for indoor and outdoor. It’s compact, adapts to different spaces easily. It’s ecological, built from the materials that make up the box. It’s cool, thanks to its minimal and geometric aesthetics. For all its functions this bench is a perfect complement to place it next to or under a Fontanot stairs.

  • Fontanot Zero Waste Award: Finalists
    Designers: Cristina Regidor Fernández & Arturo Moreno Cangas
    Copyright: Fontanot
    InstructionsDownload here