A very traditional Moon Festival

  • A very traditional Moon Festival
    Illustration for Biti's Mid-autumn Campaign 

    Client: Biti's
    Illustrator: Vuon Illustration
    Published in September 2018
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    Moon Festival, also known traditionally as Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festival in Vietnam. 

    • A recipe for a traditional Mid-autumn festival would definitely require the old latterns made by bamboo sticks, wrapped around with glass papers and in the shape of a typical countryside animal like butterfly, rabbit, fish or elephant,...

    • The idea for the box is simple at its best. All of the traditional items would be exploding from the center, revealing the logo. That's where the challenge began 😂 
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  • The shoebox packaging
  • The final shoebox packaging
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  • The old tale of lantern 
    A 8-page Picture Book
  • The final design on the shoebox © Biti's
  • The box full of traditions
  • The cover in motion, made by Biti's
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