• WAVI

    People have different life motives, such as having a better job and finding a capable spouse. But it is questionable whether they are really seeking happiness for themselves. Because It is not easy to live a better life in society with unlimited competition and polarization, and having a better life tool than others does not guarantee unconditional happiness. Then I started to think, 'Well, how can we put down our tool obsession a little bit and get love and happiness more easily, which is the goal of life?' and this became the starting point of the project.​​​​​​​

    "We are committed to assisting romantic experience of AI in your relationship."
    WAVI is a virtual AI software brand that provides a timeless and reliable relationship in deep affections with the users. and dreaming of a better world, WAVI helps its users to exercise humanity and converts the world into a more beautiful and valuable place