• vehicles
  • Various Vehicles Illustrations. Almost all these illustrations are vector based designs. 
    I love to draw vehicles!!!!!
  • "The Tank and the dragon" what better secret weapon than a dragon fires flames
  • "Think Tank" A giant bad brain controls a super tank with a towed missile"
  • "Flyng boat" a flying merchant plows the skies of the Veneto
  • "Armored rolls royce" with a small dragon suitable for surprise attacks
  • "Tarobo"  Tarobo is one of the Dai Tengu, and he loves to go on the cliff of the mount Atago with his magical little car 

  • "Love Nature" A soldier who loves nature always keeps a vase of beautiful flowers with him
  • "Strange Mexican Vehicle" you can find very strange vehicles In Mexico!
  • "Night and Day Biker". A biker rides his 3 wheels bike night and day
  • "SUV" Strange creatures ride a SUV altogether
  • "The Hunt" Who is the hunted and who is the hunter?
  • "Pets on a Plane"
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