Surforma AR Posters

  • Surforma is a new brand of Sonae Industria, that produces Laminates panels, an economical, ecological and flexible solution to be use in decorative and coating applications.

    Surforma means Surface + Form. Surforma targets architects, interior designers and furniture brands looking for innovating design.

    Surforma brand was designed with a dynamic approach that emphasizes the multiplicity
    of shapes and looks that a client can choose for the brand’s products.

  • Surforma Shaping Spaces posters.

    The collection of 5 posters is screen printing directly on the Surforma laminates. 
    To show all the potential of the product collections we made something special.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) was the technology selected to enable the interaction with the visual identity for every collection of the brand and the shaping spaces concept.

    Clients can interact with the brand’s posters and know the product details.
    Each poster shows the product with virtual and interactive content.
    The clients just needs do download the APP in iOS and Android. 

    Posters beyond posters.

  • Download the App in Download App in iOS or Android to AR interaction with
    the 5 posters (PDF file) in your home.

    Use the app to view augmented reality experiences on Surforma printed targets. Launch the app, point your camera to the printed targets and see the content becoming tridimensional and animated.


    Thanks to:
    Ana Lencastre, João Rebelo Alves, Frederico Moniz, Artur Serra Araújo, Humberto Rocha, Leonardo Mira Lopes, Escola Artistica Soares dos Reis

    Photography: Numo / Nuno Moreira
    Video and Motion Design: Silvia Antunes
    AR Design and Mobile Development: Serafim Mendes
    Screen Printing Artwork: Labspace

    Follow the studio daily life in instagram @thisipacifica